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Industrial Services

At Auto Door Engineering we provide a wide range of solutions for commercial and industrial use.  In addition to industrial doors we also supply a wide range of Industrial Shutters, Industrial Doors, PVC Curtains and Loading Bay Equipment Fire Rated Roller doors, Steel Personel Fire Exit doors.


All of our products are all fully compliant and ISO approved. Our team are fully insured and trained to to the highest safety standards. View our selection of solutions below or contact us now to discuss your requirements

Industrial Shutters

Industrial Roller Shutters

We provide a wide range of industrial roller shutter doors insulated and non-insulated options available - designed and manufactured for commercial and industrial use.


The doors which we provide are available in a wide range of size, designs and colours.  


Fire Rated Shutters

Designed to provide a protective barrier against the spread of fire, our fire rated shutters look and operate similar to standard rolling shutters but provide up to four hours more fire protection than standard doors.


Our doors manufacturered and tested to the highest safety standards.


Security Shutters

Roll down shutters which completely covert the exterior of both windows and doors. Providing an additional layer of security for your business our security shutters are easy to operate and maintain and are available in a wide range of designs and colours​.  


Can be fitted internally and externally manual and motorised options available 


Industrial Doors

Steel Personnel Doors

A cost effective way of securing entrances the steel doors provided by Auto Door Engineering are ideal for protecting areas of top priority.  


The doors are manufactured to specific industry standards and are available for a wide variety of requirements including exterior steel doors, security doors and heavy duty steel doors.  Fire rated option available options for all budgets available


Sectional & Insulated Sectional Doors


At Auto Door Engineering we provide a wide selection of sectional doors including Irish manufactured TiltADor solutions.  These solutions provide excellence in thermal efficiency, excellent quality and durability as well as maximum security.


Designed with safety in mind ThermAdor Industrial doors are tested to the highest safety features including cable break and spring break devices.  Doors are available in a wide range of colours and we can also provide a wide range of high quality glazing solutions.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements

High Speed Doors


We provide Seuster high-spped doors for both interior and exterior use.  High-speed doors enable cusotmers to optimise the flow of traffic, improve room conditions and save on energy costs.


Seuster doors include vertical and horizontal opening transpartent doors with flexible curtains as well as insulated spiral doors


PVC Strip Curtains

Used for dust control, partitioning of warehouse space, or protection from adverse conditions, our PVC strip curtains are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit any doorway height or width


Smoke/Fire Curtains

Particularly suited to clean hygienic enviromnents such as hospitals, kitchens etc, Smoke and Fire Curtains are designed to stop the spread of lethal smoke and gasses.​



Dock Levellers


Dock Levellers are designed to compensate for the differences in height between various lorry floors and ramps.


At Auto Door Engineering we provide practical and affordable dock leveller solutions which enable loads to be moved in or out of a lorry in a single horizontal movement.  


Easy and safe to use the dock leveller supplied by Auto Door Engineering are produced using high quality robust material and are fitted and maintained to the highest safety standards.

Traffic Lights Systems


Essential to the safe operation of any warehouse, traffic light systems are used to inform personnel when the dock is in use.


We provide a selection of traffic light systems which are produced using heavy duty material, with a wide number of options available to suit your requirements, contact us today for further information

Wheel Lock Systems


A Wheel Lock System engages a trailers rear tyre in the loading bay to provent unauthorised movement of the lorry during periods of loading and unloading

Lift Tables


Scissors Lifts are generally used in production or logistic environments, they have multiple applications but are normally used to assist with handling or in areas with different levels.


The standard scissors lift supplied by Auto Door Engineering has a lifting capacity of 8,000kg and a platform size of 3,000 x 2,000mm.  The main support steel structure consists of rectangular steel profiles to ensure stability and resistance.


Additional platform sizes are also available contact us for further details.

Industrial Doors
PVC Curtains
Loading Bay Equipment
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